Monday, 30 July 2007

Tricia Helfer has a heart for animals

I have decided that I will now and then highlight an animal friendly actor/actrice, politician or musician on my blog. And Tricia Helfer has the honour of being the first to be highlighted.

Tricia Helfer – better known as number six in the hit tv show Battlestar Galactica – is not only a succesful actrice. She also is a person with a big heart for animals. On her blog she states that she will mainly support an organisation called kitten rescue, that takes care of homeless cats and is located in the Los Angeles area.You can read all about it on here site.

All I can say about it is thank God that there are still people out there looking after those straycats that wander the streets, otherwise without any hope of any sort of quality of life. Doomed to starve on the streets because someone decided not to neuter their cat or got 'tired' of their pet and disposed of it as if it was garbage.

Here is her blog and the site of Kitten Rescue:

Her blog kitten rescue

And on a side note. It would appear that men fear Tricia.

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